Your accommodations are at a Vegan establishment and along with Vegan cuisine and Vegan housekeeping, we offer you a ‘slice of paradise’ and a retreat from the ‘real world’ in our Vegan Haven. To facilitate this we do not offer TV, DVD, Radio or electrical air-conditioning.


Your invitation to a slice of Paradise at the only exclusively Vegan accommodation in the Caribbean


What we do offer is natural air-conditioning from the Trade Winds, Vegan food and organically managed grounds which are over 600 feet above sea level, surrounded by the mountains and tropical rain forest of Grenada and overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Dragon Room (our Vegan honeymoon suite):
6ft. x 6ft. 6 ins. netted four-poster bed
En-suite bathroom
Large private balcony – West facing for sunsets and catching the evening breeze overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

7 Night Retreat
Package includes:
*Airport transfers
*First day local orientation tour
*Vegan Continental style breakfast each day
*Vegan two course Lunch (optional extra)
*Vegan three course Dinner (optional extra)
*Vegan housekeeping service
*Vegan laundry service
* Service and Local government hotel taxes
*A tree planted for each guest to Carbon Neutralize the air flights

Vegetarians and vegans are welcome!
We will arrange the complete package including airfare, accommodations, and sightseeing!

Sightseeing Tours:
Pick and choose among waterfalls, rainforest, spice plantation,bird or turtle watching, historic St. George, and nature centers. We can arrange any of these upon request. Make sure to leave time for the breath-taking beaches!