With its wild rainforests and lush landscapes, Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast is a beach and nature’s lover dream. Distanced from the rest of the country, this region of Costa Rica is home to some of the most gorgeous coconut-tree-lined beaches in the world and several of the country’s most notable national parks – Braulio Carrillo, Cahuita, Chirripó, Tortuguero, La Amistad, the Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve and the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

The virgin natural habitat guarantees a healthy bird population. More than 500 birds species and butterflies can be seen in the primary and secondary rain forest. Tucuxi dolphins swim along these shores, and four species of sea turtles are nesting between the months of March and July on the beaches.

Caribbean Romantic Honeymoon Package
It includes seven days accommodation in our Honeymoon Cottage, all meals, one massage per person and a horseback riding tour at the beach. Complementary is a special, candlelit, romantic dinner on a night of your choice, which includes vegan chocolate and champagne.

Vegetarians and vegans are welcome.

We will arrange the complete package including airfare, accommodations, and sightseeing!

Your sightseeing Package Includes:
1. Rain Forest Canopy Tour – Nearby your accommodations, eight aerial platforms joined by 1200 meters of cable are nestled into the jungle. Our professional guide will help you travel from one platform to the other securely attached to the cable. He will teach you the names of plants, animals, and how the local indigenous use some of the herbs you will see. You will enjoy the jungle from up above.

2. Cacao Trail Park Tour – Visit a corn plantation, a cacao plantation, a botanical garden, a medicinal garden and an iguana farm, all part of the Cacao Trail Park. The tour also includes exploring the Park’s canals in a canoe all the way up to the adjacent Cahuita National Park. After walking through the Cahuita National Park and visiting a turtle’s nesting beach, you will enjoy a Caribbean style buffet lunch.

3. Cahuita National Park – The coral reef of Cahuita National Park includes approximately 240 varieties of habitats. There are 123 different species of fish, 44 species of crustaceans, 140 shellfish and 1281 seaweed species identified. We can also observe 35 different coral species such as the fire coral, the red coral and the black coral, unique to this area. The Park consists of miles of white beach and dense tropical jungle. This tour will start with a boat trip to the coral reef where you will be snorkeling. A guided walk on the Cahuita National Park’s trail will follow. Wild animals are easily spotted in the middle of the abundant and colorful flora. The rest of the day is to be enjoyed lying on the white sand beach or visiting Cahuita village.

4. Waterfall Trekking – Guided hike to a majestic waterfall. Forty minutes to an hour walk in the jungle, in the river, up and down big rocks. Powerful and picturesque, the waterfall is like a jungle’s baptism. Jumping under the strong jets will massage and renew anyone.