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PostHeaderIcon Welcome to “Vegan Honeymoons”!

Are you a vegetarian or vegan seeking a veggie-friendly, eco-friendly honeymoon?

Then look no further!

I understand how busy engaged couples can be..planning the wedding ceremony, finding a vegan wedding cake, a wedding gown, an orchestra and reception hall, and everything else that needs to be arranged! Your precious time is limited, so why not have us arrange your “Vegan Honeymoon” for you?! I can save you the time and hassle of scheduling flights, finding romantic and vegan-friendly accommodations, and researching many amazing sightseeing tours! I do all of that for you, which leaves you the time to focus on the wedding itself.

“Vegan Honeymoons” offers eleven, romantic, honeymoon destinations. Our packages provide accommodations at bed and breakfast inns which are completely vegan or offer vegan meal options. Some of our cottage rentals provide vegan meals. The others are located near organic farms where guests may harvest the fruits and vegetables to prepare meals in their kitchenette.

Imagine yourself and your new spouse enjoying a delicious vegan meal, while sitting on a balcony overlooking a tropical rainforest!

We also offer scenic sightseeing and adventure tours, many of which can be customized based on your honeymoon schedule and preferences.

Vegan Honeymoons