We specialize in honeymoons for vegan travelers. You will have vegan accommodations when possible, or vegan-friendly at minimum. The inns, lodges, and bed and breakfasts where you will stay, provide vegan meals with room service or in their onsite cafes. Those who are renting cottages are allowed to harvest the organic fruits and vegetables on the premises, to prepare meals in their kitchenette.

Some of these inns provide onsite, “honeymoon couples” activities such as couples massage, spa treatments or romantic candlelit dinners.

Sightseeing can be arranged for rainforest expeditions, wildlife viewing and other eco-friendly activities, in addition to city tours.

We will provide the total honeymoon package including airfare, accommodations, and tours.

Maria, President and Founder of “Vegan Honeymoons” is a vegan and avid world traveler who has visited many countries in six continents. She is the author of “How To Travel The World As A Vegan”, vegan restaurant reviewer for VegDining.com, speaker at travel conferences, and the creator of the vegan travel blog “Vegan World Trekker” which ranks #2 on google for keywords “vegan travel” and is found at Vegan World Trekker.

Hear her “vegan travel tips” radio interview on the PBS travel show “Rudy Maxa’s World” at Maria PBS travel show interview